Fixing "Can't connect to Group Policy Client service" on Windows 10

This is the method I've used to fix the `Can't connect to Group Policy Client service` error on Windows 10. Symptoms - Log into Windows, no desktop icons, start bar not really working, and a little lock icon in the taskbar with that error message. A system restore will probably fix this problem, however it wasn't an option for me as I've disabled the system restore feature.

  1. In the start bar type cmd so that you see the command prompt shortcut.
  2. Right click it and run as Administrator.
  3. Type netsh and press enter.
  4. Type winsock reset and press enter.
  5. Reboot the PC.
  6. This might not work on your first try, so try it twice just to be sure.
  7. You should now be back at a working desktop after logging in.
  8. Go to Start > Settings > System > Power and sleep > Additional power settings
  9. Scroll down to shutdown settings.
  10. Uncheck turn on fast startup (If this is greyed out, up the top you need to first click change settings that are currently unavailable)
  11. Save the changes.

This article was updated on Thursday, June 6, 2024