Running fsck via Leaseweb FreeBSD Rescue 2.1 on UFS partitions

I’ve been running a FreeBSD 10 based dedicated server with Leaseweb NL for a little over a year now. This morning I noticed the server was down.

Unfortunately Leaseweb don’t seem to provide any KVM style access, or in any case I don’t have that functionality with this server from them. I rebooted the server via the Leaseweb panel, without any success. My suspicion was that the filesystem might be dirty, and FreeBSD was stuck on a screen waiting for fsck to be launched.

Using Leaseweb’s panel I booted into their “FreeBSD Rescue 2.1”. I tried to run fsck across my partitions, however I would constantly get the error:

fsck: Could not determine filesystem type

For this particular server I am still using UFS rather than ZFS. It turns out you have to define the type in the fsck command.

In the end I did the following:

ls /dev/ad* #to list out all partitions
fsck -y -t ufs /dev/ad3s1 #ran this same command across every partition

It was the /usr partition that was marked as “dirty”. After running the above fsck command across it, I rebooted the server and everything came back as normal.