Unlimited prepaid 4G data sim for Taiwan - Chunghwa Telecom

Are you traveling to Taiwan sometime soon and would like a data sim for internet access? I can recommend Chunghwa Telecom's offerings - this was the provider I ended up choosing during my travels. You can purchase a card with unlimited data on a time basis anywhere from 3 days to 30 days. You'll get some voice credit included for making calls too, it's a pretty good deal and certainly better than the options I'd come across nearby in Japan and Korea. For a 30 day SIM it's ~1000NTD or roughly $45 AUD at the current moment. Another great inclusion is that Chunghwa operate WiFi hotspots in various locations so you can connect to these using your SIM card and unlike other providers you might have run into you don't need to enter in login details each time you connect. The SIM card provides authentication so you can seamlessly jump between hotspots and 4G.

You can purchase a SIM either directly through Chunghwa here.

Or via one of their resellers such as kkday here.

Both options offer airport pickup - simply choose the date you intend to arrive and then you can pickup the SIM at the airport. You will need to book your SIM ~3 or more days before the date you intend to pick it up. Personally I bought my SIM through kkday as at the time they allowed a shorter period of time between the booking and pickup date. Instructions on where to pickup the SIM are shown on the website and it was easy enough to find on the day. You will need two forms of ID - a passport and some other kind of photo ID such as a driver's license.

The speeds were very good and there wasn't any limiting or speed throttling that I noticed. I performed a large backup to Google Drive >200GB without any issues. This is a "true" unlimited service. I had no issues getting decent signal and speeds outside of Taipei either, the SIM worked great in Hualien for instance.


This article was updated on Thursday, June 6, 2024